Reader: Oh, Brother! Does this look like a dive bar to you?

Dive right in, the water -- and beer -- is fine!

Our list of the town's Five Best Dive Bars -- starting with the Kentucky Inn, winner of the Best Dive Bar in the Best of Denver 2011 -- has fans of dive bars and definitions alike plunging into the discussion. No White Owl? No Bar Bar (Carioca)? Does the Kentucky Inn even qualify as a dive bar? And what about My Brother's Bar, one of our very favorite places in Denver -- but no dive bar, some drinkers insist. Sal, for example:

My Brother's Bar is NOT a dive bar. In my day, a DIVE BAR was a little dirty maybe, questionable clientele, staff not all that caring, cheap drinks, very little if any food (and not very good). But.... a Dive Bar can be a lot of fun!!!

What's the proper definition of a dive bar? And what's your favorite in town? Add your suggestion to the dive-bar comments here, or post it below.

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