Reader: Old Chicago became a gateway to LoDo in the early '90s

First things first: Old Chicago is not a Chicago-based chain. It actually got its start in Boulder, but when Old Chicago opened on market Street in 1992, that quickly became the flagship location -- introducing many people not just to LoDo, but specialty beers. At the end of this week, though, it will close for good. See also: Old Chicago will close its longtime Denver flagship on Market Street

Says Robert:

The food at Old Chicago reminds me of the over-priced, bland food you buy at sporting events,and their beers aren't all that either. Who needs this place when you have Falling Rock Tap House?

But other opinions are softened by memory. Says Ben:

My friends and I came of drinking age around the time that opened. We grew up in Adams County and did not really spend a lot of time in what would become LoDo. That Old Chicago became a gateway to places like Modeans, Soapy Smith's, Rock Bottom for us. I, for one, will always have great memories of Old Chicago, Market St and the early 1990s in LoDo.

What was your first introduction to LoDo? What to you think of that neighborhood today?

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