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Reader: One Brewery at DIA? What Is This, Kansas?

On Tuesday, a Denver City Council committee approved a contract for a joint venture between Denver's Consumer Concept Group, owners of the Smashburger chain and Tom's Urban Diner; Tivoli Brewing and Michigan's Midfield Concession Enterprises, which runs 45 outlets in nine airports across the country (but none in Denver); the deal will let the group put a restaurant/brewery in the Westin Hotel,  Smashburger locations on concourses B and C; and a Roasting Plant coffee shop between the hotel and the airport. Before voting to send the contract along to the full council, though, councilmembers had some questions about why DIA scored this bid so high, snubbing proposals by the Wynkoop, Oskar Blues, Boulder Beer and Great Divide, as well as such restaurateurs as Justin Cucci, who runs DIA's best restaurant with Root Down. And readers have questions, too. Says Adam:
WTF?! Make your scorecards available, you crooked politicos... Your decision makes no sense and is insulting, and you'll otherwise find me at Root Down. Moral of the story: As with people, "Never trust a mustached hotel."
Asks Steven:
Why make exclusive contracts? If they can find a place to set up shop, let them all.
And another Adam sums it up with this:  
One brewery in DIA? What is this, Kansas? Colorado has somewhere over 150 breweries and DIA only gets one?
What do you think of Tivoli Brewing? Tom's Urban, the namesake of the new brewery/restaurant? And what craft breweries would you like to see take off at DIA?

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