Reader: One hopping-mad customer isn't happy about Hops & Pie expansion

While other joints on Tennyson, such as the Hole, have closed, Hops & Pie is expanding. Drew and Leah Watson's neighborhood hangout is taking over a space next door, and will more than double in size -- as well as offer more food options, including "more appetizers, a few more artisan pies, and in the future, we'll start making our own ice cream, too," says Drew.

Here's how Dawn greets the news:

YAY! I love Hops and Pie! Hopefully they'll add a full bar, so I can convince my cocktail-drinking friend to come with!

Asks Jay:

Why don't you just convince your cocktail loving friend to not be so close minded and expand his/her horizons a little?

The lack of cocktails isn't the problem for Hops and rudeness:

I don't get how everybody loves this place so much, in my dealings with them they were rude rude rude, won't be going back, guess I wasn't hipster or trendy enough for the highland hang out.

To which Stu responds:

You are a moron cause you said it is a highland hang out and it is in Berkeley

What's inspired all the discussion? Hop over to Berkeley and see for yourself; Hops & Pie is staying open through construction.

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