Reader: Opinions about Dunkin' Donuts sweetened by emotions...and sugar

Denver was rolling in dough last week, after not one but two Dunkin' Donuts outposts opened in the city, returning to a metro area that last saw DD decades ago. Did Dunkin' live up to the hype? Or were fond feelings about this East Coast mainstay sweetened by nostalgic memories?

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Says Russ Roberts:

They had the best coffee and donuts in the northeast in the day... there are few stores here in NC so is hard to know if they are still the same, sure miss the aroma of their stores .. and BTW I'll take a dozen mixed and a gallon of coffee :)

Responds John Scruggs:

What tripe! these donuts are just fucking donuts, and the coffee is just the same.

But maybe sugar, rather than memories, is all the sweetener you need. Says Miller Harrell:

We all have our emotional attachments to our favorite spots. Besides, fried sugary dough...how can you screw that up??? Any doughnut shop can fill that order. Just sayin'.

Did you wait in line to try Denver's Dunkin' Donuts last week?

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