Reader: Overpriced, Overvalued -- Denver Restaurant Week Is Dead

Denver Restaurant Week hasn't actually been a week-long for years. Soon after the event started more than a decade ago, some participating restaurants decided to extend the DRW deals on their own. And a half-dozen years ago, Visit Denver, the organizer, made it official -- extending DRW to two weeks as a way of forking the recession. The annual event never shrank back to seven days, though. And this year, in response to comments from both stuffed diners and exhausted restaurant employees that fourteen days was simply too much of a good thing, Denver Restaurant Week was split in half, to a week in February and a week in August. But Visit Denver just announced that it was doing away with the August edition and scheduling a ten-day Denver Restaurant Week in February. "The perfect 'best of both worlds' compromise appears to be to run it for ten days, encompassing two complete weekends in the traditional slow period of February," explains Justin Bresler of Visit Denver.

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But will diners see it as a perfect compromise? Says Derp:

Restaurant Week is dead. Selling overpriced, overvalued menu items at many of these establishments should just be called "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday."

What do you think of Denver Restaurant Week? Did you go to any of the places participating in the August edition? Will you be signing up for the annual eating orgy in February? Any other suggestions for Visit Denver before restaurant registration for DRW 2015 starts on November 10?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.