Reader: Palace Arms should be embraced over Inverness

After reviewing Edge, the restaurant in the fancy-pants new Four Seasons, Laura Shunk served up "Denver's five best hotel restaurants." Edge didn't make the list. Nor did Palace Arms in the Brown Palace, a second snub for the venerable hotel that has hosted every president since Teddy Roosevelt slept there in 1905, except for Calvin Coolidge and Barack Obama....who stayed at the Four Seasons two weeks ago.

Notes wim:

Nice list, but ... no Palace Arms? Can't quite believe you'd put the Inverness brunch on this list over the Palace Arms.

Charles appreciates the restaurants that did make the list -- and obviously spends a lot of time at them, since he offers this:

Mazel Tov, 3 of my favorites made the list The Edge 4 Seasons, Second Home at the J.W. Marriott., and Panzanno's at the Hotel Monaco. To all my buddies Sean, Alex, Amadeus and Robert at The Edge, Meribeth, Nicole, Joseph, John. Jordan and Nick at Second Home, Nick and Papa at The Hotel Monaco. ' Keep up the good work and serving GR8* food."

Did Palace Arms deserve a spot on this list? Edge? And is the Garden Terrace brunch at Inverness enough to make you check out and check into this hotel? Post your thoughts below, or join the hotel restaurant discussion here.

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