Reader: Papa John's needs the dough to pay Peyton Manning!

Since Peyton Manning doesn't work fulltime as a Papa John's spokesman, CEO John Schnatter doesn't have to cover the quarterback's health insurance (which has to be hefty). And he'd like to make sure that as many Papa John's employees as possible work under thirty hours a week, so that the company doesn't have to pay their health insurance costs as mandated under the Affordable Health Care Act.

Steveville has an explanation for that:

Schnatter needs the $$$ to pay Peyton Manning to be his spokesface.

See also: - Five reasons why Papa John's should raise the dough for employee healthcare - Peyton Manning wants a slice of the pie -- Papa John's, that is

But mturner1004 takes a much more charitable view of the Papa John's policy:

I love Papa John's pizza, business cost are factored in for every business that is created. The RISK of money in and out of the day to day operations of running that business. A business has to make a profit, or there is no sense in the owners taking the risk of losing the money to GIVE people jobs. The pizza business is competitive and you have to stay in the competitive range of pricing, or you lose customers and go out of business. If there were no RISKS in owning a business, everyone would have one. More people prefer to NOT take the risks of their money, time, etc, So they DON'T have a business and prefer to work FOR someone in a job they like and go home. They do not have to worry about anything concerning the business (long hours, money they don't have, that was borrowed to start the business and has to be paid back, headache of employees not showing up for work, etc, etc) . Customer loyalty programs, giving me a free pizza, keeps me coming back to Papa Johns- this helps the middle class (me) to be able to buy the Pizza, and the choice of buying from them again, when I can afford to eat out the next time.

Would you pay a few dollars more for pizza from a company that covered its employees' health insurance? Or are you sold on anything that Peyton would sell?

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