The Yumbo is back!
The Yumbo is back!
Burger King

Reader: People Who Complain About Fast Food Have Eaten Plenty of It

After forty years, Burger King has resurrected the Yumbo -- just one of the fast-food items that Jenn Wohletz had hoped would come back. The chain's announcement that it was bringing back the breakfast sandwich drew both praise and complaints. But one reader thinks the fast-food bashers are too quick to complain. See also: Five discontinued Fast-Food Items I Want Back

Says caligula:

My favorite thing during fast food discussions is watching self-righteous fools talk about how "gross" fast food is and how "offensive" it is to promote it, but those are the people who eat it the most behind closed doors, or especially when they're drunk. they're liars and are simply projecting their guilt at having eaten loads of fast food in their lives.

Nailed ya. sorry.

Do you eat fast food? Where and when? What's your favorite home-grown chain?

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