Reader: Pho Ta brings new life to Alameda Square

After several delays, Pho Ta finally opened in Alameda Square last week -- and it looks like it was worth waiting for. "We think we have a better, cleaner, prettier and bigger interior and dining area than the other Vietnamese restaurants in and around Denver," says Vicky Shih, a partner in the restaurant with her husband, Pin Zhen, as well as Lo Hoong and Kinh Lam, the owner of Pacific Market and landlord of Alameda Square.

And the food tastes as good as the place looks, says one recent diner.

Writes Patrick:

My kid and I ate lunch there today. We started with Vietnamese egg rolls (with fresh veg to "wrap" the rolls in). Delicious. The Pho with flank steak and tripe was fantastic! My son had the meatball version -- also delicious. We saw some diners devouring some really amazing Vietnamese vermicelli dishes. Clean, fresh, modern!

Also, try the Vietnamese bakery in the mall. We brought home 2 awesome Baguettes (Bánh mì). I lived in Europe a few years - and totally a bread fan. Best baguette I've had in Denver. It's more like a single-serve torpedo than a long loaf.

Ăn ngon nhé

Alameda Square has seen some tough times, but so pho, so good.

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