Reader: Plant Squeaky Bean in this neighborhood!

Two restaurants are looking for new homes this month. On Friday afternoon, Lori Midson broke the news that Robert Thompson will be opening Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar in the current home of Baur's Ristorante; owner Jimmy Lambatos will close Baur's at the end of the month, and is already looking for a new home for that restaurant.

Earlier in the day, Mison shared an even bigger shocker: Squeaky Bean will be leaving its location at 3301 Tejon Street after the close of service next Sunday, June 12. The owners will be putting a new concept, Occidental, in that space, and hope to reopen Squeaky Bean at another address -- ideally, one with a much larger kitchen than the tiny space it has now.

Already, people are lamenting the Bean's imminent closure -- and urging the owners to consider relocating to their neighborhoods:

From 5280man:

There are several great spaces here in 5Points/Welton! You could be the a true pioneer in our neighborhood. Think about it please...

From mg:

Please bring the Bean to Baker!

In the meantime, there's this from Nic:

Going to miss you while you're gone Bean--we had some good times and I hope you reappear sometime soon! LOVE the food--it will be missed.

Where should the Bean go? Have an idea for Baur's, too? Post them below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.