Reader: Please, Nothing Ethnic Served by White Hipsters for Twice the Normal Price

One bonus to the hideous traffic in town: While you're stuck in yet another jam, you have plenty of time to spot all the new businesses popping up in booming Denver. But even with the boom, Boulevard Burger & Tap went bust, and its space at 727 Colorado Boulevard is now available. There's certainly plenty of traffic in the area; what kind of restaurant would convince people to stop in? Says Darnell24:

Please, no ramen, no korean tacos, no white-people tacos. Please nothing ethnic being served by white hipsters for twice the normal price. How about just a good old greasy spoon that serves gyros, hot dogs, burgers, sub sandwiches, polish sausage, etc. American food served by down to earth people at a reasonable price. I don't need some hipsters take on back alley dumpster food combined with fair trade aztec spices, all overpriced, that also serves brunch. Just a good old greasy spoon.

What kind of restaurant do you think this stretch of Colorado Boulevard needs? What kind of restaurant do you think Denver needs?

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