Reunion opened just in time for parade-watching.
Reunion opened just in time for parade-watching.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Plenty of Places to Get Lit, But No Place to Light Up?

Tonight the 41st annual Parade of Lights will wind its way through downtown Denver. We checked out the parade route, and recently served up our choices of Nine Places to Eat and Drink During the Parade of Lights — all of which offer good views of the action while also keeping you out of the cold. One choice met with praise from Sally:

Yeah, Panzano! That's my favorite restaurant downtown, and I don't need no stinkin' Parade of Lights as a reason to go there.

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But Diana isn't pleased that pot isn't part of this parade, and says:

But where can one TOKE? This is such crap.

Nine places to get lit, but not a single place to light up? Can anyone give Diana a little help?

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