A pox on pretzel buns!
A pox on pretzel buns!

Reader: Pretzel Buns Deserve to Be at the Top of the Trendy List

What food trends will you be happy to kiss goodbye in 2015? Jenn Wohletz offered her list of the top five fads that should die in 2015, including pretzel buns and fancy mac and cheese. Not surprisingly, some readers took issues with her hit list -- while others offered their own. See also: Five Food Trends That Need to Die with 2014

Says Dom:

Pretzel buns are good. Die in a fire if you think otherwise.

But then there's this from WillieStortz:

Pretzel buns deserve to be on the top of that list.

Other items that belong on the list:

-bacon...once again the duct tape of the kitchen has been so overplayed.

-Brussels sprouts.....seen it, had it, done with it -amateur charcuterie.... butchers in Italy spend 7 years as an apprentice to learn the proper way to cure a hog. You can't watch a youtube video and think you can put out an acceptable product.

When the clock strikes twelve, what trends would you like to toss away with 2014?


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