Reader: Pumpkin Hummus? Pumpkin Gum? Please Make It Stop!

Fall is here in full force, and that means an endless array of pumpkin products from now to Thanksgiving. Jenn Wohletz rounded up some of the best and the worst this week, ranging from pumpkin Pepperidge Farm cookies to pumpkin-flavored hummus.

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Says Suzi:

I can't stand pumpkin! UGH! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!

As always TheFabulousMarkT puts it in perspective:

There are pumpkin-flavored things, and then there are pumpkin-spice-flavored things. The distinction is not academic -- the former seem to work far better than the latter in many cases.

PS: The second-to-last paragraph immediately put me in mind of Clairol, whose "Touch of Yogurt" shampoo caused sporadic outbreaks of the "trots" up and down the East Coast in 1979 because people somehow got the impression it was meant for internal use.

Read that second-to-last paragraph here.

What other food disasters can you recall? How do you feel about the quasi-pumpkin spices?

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