Reader: Put nice place like Applebee's in Cebiche spot in Wheat Ridge

On January 2, we posted our Restaurant Roll Call for 2013, listing the hundreds of restaurants and bars that had opened in 2013 -- and the dozens of restaurants and bars that had closed. One of those that shut its doors: Cebiche. No, not the Cebiche on West 32nd Avenue in LoHi, but the Cebiche on West 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. But the confusing name wasn't this spot's only problem. See also: Restaurant Roll Call for 2013 -- over 250 openings

Says Josie:

Not surprised about Cebiche on 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge closing. Until that town or city gets its act together and gets rid of the trashy retail and unsightly commercial establishments on that awful avenue, or implements and enforces some effective zoning laws, a restaurant like Cebiche with its overpriced menu and attempt to be a big fish in a muddy stream could never have survived. I hope the owners have better luck elsewhere; the food was quite tasty.

And Priya has this to say about Cebiche:

Stuck out like a sore thumb....a rose among the weeds, overpriced, poor parking, awful service. Open up a nice family place like Applebee's!

Is Applebee's a reasonable solution for this stretch of 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge? What would you like to see there?

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