Reader question: What makes a good server?

My recent review of Carmine's on Penn, wherein I wrote about being egregiously upsold by a server who'd initially gained my trust, garnered this question from reader Matt:

I was just hired as a server a few nights a week, and I've never done it before. I wondered if you had some do's / don'ts. You obviously didn't like being upsold, or deceived on the food quantity, but if you had other advice...

Here's our short answer to that question: Generally, we like a server that's genuine, knowledgeable and perceptive. It's hard to be more specific than that, because it depends so much on the restaurant, the person and the situation.

But because we know that our readers are both servers and avid diners alike, we're tossing this one out to you: What makes a good server?

Leave your thoughts for Matt in the comment section below.

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