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Reader: Quit Turning Denver Into a Graven Image of New York or L.A.!

There's a lot of action these days on Capitol Hill, with much of it centering on East 13th Avenue and Pearl Street, which is about to see three new bars. One of them is Hudson Hill, a concept brought to Denver by Jake Soffes, a New York native who moved to Denver two years ago and decided to take his fourteen years of service-industry experience to the next level by opening his own place. Soffes told Mark Antonation that Capitol Hill reminds him of Williamsburg, and he wants to create the kind of space he was fond of in that Brooklyn neighborhood as well as the East Village bars and eateries where he worked. But one reader isn't impressed. Says Gregory:
Send his hipster ass back to New York. Enough of this bullshit already. Quit turning Denver into a graven image of NY or LA.
Steve offers a more realistic welcome:
Good luck! Even sleaze bars don't make it on 13th & Pearl.
What kind of bar do you think could make it at 13th and Pearl? 

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