Reader: Ready to give breakfast a try at Moontower Tacos

Later this morning we'll post our Restaurant Roll Call for February, a compendium of all the openings and closings on the Denver dining scene last month. One of those openings? Moontower Tacos, which opened a week ago in the former Thai Mango space at Sixth and Grant. Owner Brent Thrash is from Austin, which is full of great taco spots; he attended the University of Colorado, where he lived in a place called Moontower. Mashing together those interests -- and adding a few twists -- he created Moontower Tacos.

And early reviews are good. See also: -- First look: Moontower Tacos opens in Capitol Hill - Restaurant roll call for January: Corner House in, Carbones out?

Says barslinger:

I have been in twice since they opened and love the food. While it is early and details always need to be worked out, the food arrived in a reasonable time on the first visit and very fast on the second -- I will assume that is a sign of positive progress. There were more sauce options than I expected so will have to work my way through the list. Hoping they keep up the good work and will give breakfast a try tomorrow.

And how were those breakfast tacos, barslinger? Have you tried Moontower Tacos? What other restaurants that opened last month have you visited?

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