Is this Denver's best? Pizza at Cart-Driver.
Is this Denver's best? Pizza at Cart-Driver.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Red Baron Is Better Than Most of the Pizzas in Denver

This week we served up our list of the Ten Best Pizza Places in Denver, which included Cart-Driver, the winner of Best Pizza in the Best of Denver 2015. But readers disagreed with that choice, as well as many more on the list. Where were Buenos Aires Pizzeria, Virgilio's, Slice Work's, Carl's and Johnny's NY Pizza? Says Jon: 

Genarro's, Enzo's End, Jimano's, Denver Deep Dish, Walnut Room... all better than most of the mentions on this list.

But other readers say there's no good pizza in Denver. Cart-Driver, the winner of our Best of Denver Responds Daniel:

If you want great pizza in Denver, you are the same as a person in 1975...still searching.

Cart-Driver? Just cause it's a "hot spot" doesn't make it good pizza. 

Then there's this from Dan:

Red Baron pizza is better than most of the pizza places in Denver.

Adding insult to injury, Dave adds:

You're better off eating a frozen pizza from Queen Scoopers.

Do you think Denver has good pizza? What are your favorite places?

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