Reader: Relax, Nobody Is Going to Give Pot Edibles to Your Kids on Halloween

Yesterday our Latest Word blog reported that the Denver Police Department says calls have already started coming from parents concerned that their kids will be slipped pot edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween. In a DPD podcast, the officers advise parents to talk to their children about not eating anything until a grown-up has a chance to inspect it, as well as to take a close look at the packages themselves, since marijuana edibles are required to list THC content -- and some wrappers have been known to resemble better-known candy brands. They do not point out how much pot edibles cost -- which should allay those parents' fears pretty fast.

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Says Dannah:

I don't know a pothead around that is gonna intentionally throw a $10 or $20 bag of candy in a kid's treat bag! PARENTS, check your kids' candy -- even if you let them have a piece while trick or treating! My kids never got a piece without it being checked out! We actually have to look at the wrappers, too!

Here's one from Adrian:

Is this what society is reduced to? A bunch of blathering idiots who think that; 1, we're gonna spend that kind of money for edibles, 2, that we would give it to children, and 3, that pot infused candy is worse than rat poison or razor blades? Thank you, propaganda, for brainwashing America into ostracizing a natural herb.

Adds Jayne:

Relax, Nobody is going to give out edibles to your kids. If they do, at least they'll go to bed early.

Do you think parents should worry about pot in Halloween candy this year? Post your thoughts below, and read many, many more comments on this latest trick-or-treat travesty here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.