Reader: Remember When There Were Only Six Burger Joints? Those Were the Days!

Sunnyside Burger Bar opened yesterday on the corner once occupied by Longo's Subway Tavern in LoHi, or Sunnyside, or Highland, or the Northside, depending on what map and history book you're consulting. The burger joint is another venture by Larimer Associates, whose COO, Joe Vostrejs, has deep roots in Denver. But that -- and big, fat burgers sided by Colorado craft beers -- are not enough to keep all the quibblers quiet. See also: Why the Highland Vs. Northside Debate Is All About Gentrification Says Sid:

Westword needs to knock it off with highlands and sunnyside, or lose those denver natives that continue supporting your rag as they lost their nieghborhood to outsider, pisses me the fuck off that this rag chooses outsiders over locals who suported your rag....wanna know how we really feel.......betrayed.

Then there's this from Deanna:

You guys are awesome. I love the support and excitement for small businesses trying to make it in what does seem like a very bitchy snotty locals rule because "we won't ever change, we're exclusive so fuck you" mentality. It's awesome, and makes me so proud to have been born here.

But we'll give the last word to Seth, who delivers his response with a definite wink:

Boohoo, another burger place to eat at! What has this city come to?! Hell, I remember when there was only six burger joints to choose from. Those were the days...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.