Reader: Restaurants should have the kinks worked out when they open

Josh and Jen Wolkon and their talented crew put plenty of time and planning into Ace, the ping pong hall/bar/restaurant in a renovated 9,000 square foot garage next to Steuben's, their second restaurant. (They opened the first, Vesta Dipping Grill, fifteen years ago.) And when Ace opened in August, it was an instant hit, with crowds clamoring for a ping pong table. But what Ace has been putting on the dining tables has changed a bit since then, as they adjusted the menu to reflect what worked...and what didn't.

Gretchen Kurtz waited three months, as she usually does, to eat there for her review, which was posted here yesterday.

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And Denver Dave disagrees with that:

While I take Gretchen's point that new restaurants are "works in progress" my view is that they should have the kinks worked out early on or not be charging full price for their experiments. A three month "soft opening" as is granted by Westword and many other publications, means that all too often diners are paying full price for less than what may or may not become top notch offerings down the line.

Do you agree that restaurants should be ready for a reviewer the day they open their doors? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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