Reader: Rob Lawler separates the wheat from the chaff at the Truffle

Rob Lawler worked in a lot of restaurants before he and his wife bought the Truffle, the specialty cheese shop on East Sixth Avenue. He talked about that career switch in this week's Chef and Tell interview, where he also weighed in on people obsessed with gluten -- some for real health reasons, some not. Is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Says Jon S:

I'd go out of my way to spend money at a place that calls dietary fad-hoppers glutards.

Adds Spayurpets:

If you've never set foot into the Truffle, and you live in hipster Highlands, what the f--k are you doing on a comment board making such a big deal about what he thinks or serves at a tiny shop in Cherry Creek. If you are that worked up about the real or imagined dangers of gluten, just do yourself a favor and do as you've always done for every day of your life and don't go to the Truffle. I am a customer of and love the Truffle for their cheese plates and cured meats; a holiday party is spruced up so well by a big plate from the Truffle. As for gluten, I, for one, love it so much I go to my local Chinese market and buy it by the jar. It's delicious! And if anyone has a beef with Lawler, it's me, as a neighbor, for his comment about Cherry Creekers and their entitled dogs. Let's see how much of a lather we can work ourselves up over that comment!

Ball's in your court, Creekers. Post your comments below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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