Reader: Robert Thompson has amazing talent for self-promotion...and Scotch eggs

When Robert Thompson opened Brasserie Rouge in LoDo a decade ago, it ran away with our Best New Restaurant award. And when -- after a bumpy stretch that saw Brasserie Rouge close and Thompson leave town for a while -- he returned to open Argyll in Cherry Creek, that restaurant, too, won Best New Restaurant, in 2010. Thompson closed that Argyll, promising to open it in a new location more conducive to the crowds. In the meantime, though, he opened Le Grand (now closed) and Punch Bowl Social -- which is doing so well it's already opened an outlet in Portland and will soon have one in Detroit. And yesterday, Thompson unveiled the new Argyll Whisky Beer Gastropub in Uptown.

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Says Denver Dave:

Hmm. Well, other than amazing talent for self-promotion, I have been less than impressed with Mr. Thompson's restaurants. Rest In peace Le Grand, the original Argyll, Brasserie Rouge and the highly dubious Punch Bowl. We shall see what he can do here. I'll be there for the Scotch eggs for sure, though.

For more on Argyll, including a reader's first-night report in response to Denver Dave, read the comments here.

What do you think of Robert Thompson's restaurants -- open or closed? Brasserie Rouge? Punch Bowl? Argyll -- old or new? Post your thoughts below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.