Reader: Rockbar will be remembered -- vaguely

Rockbar will close this weekend, after more than six years as a hipster hangout on East Colfax. While owner Jesse Morreale and the city continue to trade barbs, a few customers are spilling their memories of nights at Rockbar: See also: - Rockbar will close this weekend after a goodbye bash - Rockbar's request for special event cabaret permits denied - City denies Rockbar's liquor-license renewal

Says thespot84:

Firstly, nobody has memories of Rockbar, primarily because they were all blacked out by the time they decided that going to Rockbar was a good idea in the first place.

Secondly, what little of those experiences have crept their way into my hippocampus are scenes awash with the stench of stale beer and axe body spray, which, unfortunately like the pheromones they claim to supplant, tend to be a turnoff to all but a very specific subset of the population.

I think what sums up Rockbar for me was the disappointment at being forced out of the bar at 1:30 on the nose during every visit because someone, some bro, or some thing got into a fight on the dance floor because their already beer-soaked tom's - removing the carpet did nothing for that place - became slightly more beer-soaked by way of an equally drunk and unruly passerby. To ad PBR to injury, this would usually happen after signing a receipt for a $25 round just 90 seconds prior.

For me, Rockbar won't be missed quite as much as it will be 'remembered'. Vaguely.

Do you have memories of Rockbar that are less vague? Post them in the comments section below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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