Reader: Sad to see The Palm give in to lowlifes and thugs

Last Friday -- the day before an International Boycott the Palm protest was slated for the Denver steakhouse at 1672 Lawrence Street -- The Palm announced that it no longer supports the anti-camping ordinance passed by Denver City Council on May 14, 2012. That announcement followed a months-long boycott by Occupy Denver, which turned its attention on the Palm after Snooze, the subject of the initial boycott efforts, rescinded its support of the urban-camping ban in April.

Did the Palm do the right thing?

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Says WillieStortz:

How sad to see the Palm give in to these lowlifes and thugs.

If the Palm wants to be part of the 16th Street Mall, then they need to help clean it up. Encouraging drug addicts, panhandlers, and thieves to sleep on your doorstep isn't going to help your business. If the business owners won't do anything to clean up the 16th Street Mall, then it's time to take our business somewhere else.

What do you think of the current state of the 16th Street Mall? Has the ban on "camping" helped the situation?

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