Reader: Sad when the best BBQ has to be flown in from Texas

Denver is a town starved for good barbecue, so when CJ Johnson opened Kings BBQ, Gretchen Kurtz was eager to try it -- especially because since this modest spot in northwest Denver was getting good word of mouth from barbecue fans. And while Kings wasn't the barbecue joint of her dreams, she found a lot to like there. See also: Kings BBQ is pleased to meat you

So did Shay1981:

Through word of mouth this was the place to try. I came in from Nebraska was advised to try this place and I'm glad I stopped. I'm going back again before I leave!

But while Kings might satisfy someone from Nebraska -- or Oklahoma, Gretchen Kurtz's home state -- another reader is loyal to Texas. Says Joshua:

Sad is when you live in a place that the freshest and best BBQ and Mexican food in town has to be flown in from Texas.

Where do you find the best BBQ in Denver? And don't tell us in a package sent from Texas...after all, Johnson is from Texas, and he's cooking 'cue right here in town.

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