Sarto's looks great, but has some fugly challenges.
Sarto's looks great, but has some fugly challenges.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Sarto's Has Problems Beyond Its Chef

And the hits just keep coming for Jefferson Park, where many of the new buildings featured in Denver Fugly are located. Now, in the culmination of what may have been another fugly situation, veteran chef Brian Laird — think Barolo Grill, Sketch — is out at Sarto's. But should the restaurant's problems be blamed on the chef? Says IsBoulderBetter:

It wouldn't hurt if they could establish a web presence and have an updated menu online (especially given that it supposedly changes frequently). It's unacceptable not to have this up within a few months of opening and has deterred me from dining there at times (as the one menu they had on facebook was completely different (options and pricing) than what was available when I dined there).

It's a shame because I was hoping they'd succeed (and I'm not a Jefferson Park resident).

Have you eaten at Sarto's? What did you think? And what do you think of what's hapening in Jefferson Park in general?

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