Reader: Scalpers and resellers snapped up GABF tickets

Tickets to this year's Great American Beer Festival sold out almost as soon as sales started yesterday. But the ire of would-be GABF-goers is just starting. Some are suggesting that scalpers were at work; others say they're giving up on the festival and starting their own.

Says samurainigel:

They didn't sell out in "45 minutes." Tickets were locked up in less than five. News agencies reporting on this shouldn't be overlooking the fact that 49,000 tickets were sold out in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES. This is the work of scalpers and other resellers, plain and simple, and is a snapshot of what happens when you have companies like TicketMaster running (ruining?) the show.


What would you do for a ticket to the GABF? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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