Reader: Shame on Troy, shame on Leigh -- but what's happened to TAG is the real shame

The comments keep coming about the status of

Troy Guard's marriage (over)

and his restaurants, most notably




, the latter of which closed for a day last week while Guard was coping with the ramifications of the split and both of which are now advertising a number of

suddenly open jobs


All the talk inspired this from T:

I normally don't voice opinions via this type of venue....but first of all as a business owner, you put your crap aside and put the business first, like you would a child. Shame on Ms. Sullivan for involving the staff, shame on Mr. Guard for sleeping with a staff member. Poor me, customer, went into tonight and the vibe was totally different, cocktails not the same, I have never been told no at Tag and tonight I was told, I'm sorry we don't give three sliders, say something like I can give you four and you can share. To bad for the customers.

Have you eaten at TAG since this story blew up last week? If so, how was your meal? If not, join the commenters chewing on the juicy TAG saga here.

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