Reader: Should Samurai beer have its name changed, like Maori King?

Funkwerks, a funky brewery in Fort Collins, almost created an international incident when it named a beer Maori King, prompting complaints from the Maori natives in New Zealand -- complaints reported around the world.

That inspired this from Jon S:

So I'm more interested in how the Maori found out about one beer from a tiny brewery in CO that only distributes locally. Do they go around Googling "Maori" or something? More importantly, why the hell would they care about some random one-off beer on the other side of the world?

More importantly, who are all of the self-righteous white people that are suddenly popping up out of nowhere on these comments to trash a brewery that meant no ill or disrespect about a culture they also don't really know anything about?

I'm Japanese, and if I heard that someone tried to get Great Divide to change the name of Samurai because it was "insensitive" or because the samurai "belonged to the Japanese", I'd think they were a fucking retard for making a big deal out of something so insignificant.

Just days after this controversy hit the international air waves, Funkwerks changed the name of Maori King to Southern Tropic.

That response brought this from Potua:

I think it's brilliant, they didn't have to, but they listened (something that rarely happens to indigenous communities around the world) - they offended Maori, unknowingly but once they realised the extent of the offense they took steps to fix it (no doubt as some cost to themselves) - I hope they sell a truck load of it! - Here in NZ we've got the Rugby World Cup 2011 - would be great to have it around (especially with the attached story) Funkwerks, you're my favorite today!!!!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.