Reader: Show an ID When I'm on Medicare? No Thanks!

There are all kinds of happy hours in Denver, from the glitzy to the grim, the highbrow to the 'hood. This week, Chris Utterback visited what could be the ultimate neighborhood bar, the Rosa Mia Inn, which is under new ownership but has the same old friendly vibe that dates back to 1966. Back in those days, bartenders weren't as careful to card all patrons -- but today, when liquor-license inspectors are out in force, it's the smart thing to do. See also: Happy Hour at the Rosa Mia Inn -- That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Even if some patrons don't find it very neighborly. Says Dave Barnes:

Not my favorite.

I was asked for my ID at 10:30 on my only visit.

Show an ID when I am on Medicare? No thanks. Bye.

Does it irritate you when a server asks for your ID -- which is located right next to your AARP card? Or do you consider it par for the course today? Post your thoughts below.

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