Reader: Shut your avocado hole, California, and learn more about food in Denver

Are Denver diners -- including Jenn Wohletz -- hicks to eat cream-cheese and crab wontons?

That's what VonBlancoLA suggested when he agreed with Denver Doughboy. And at this point, the discussion has gone far beyond wontons....Here's VonBlancoLA's take:

I'm a Californian Refugee and I must admit, after four years here in Denver I have come to the conclusion that people really are hicks here. They have no clue how to drive on a freeway, they have no clue how to provide decent service in a restaurant, and their food bloggers (yes you Westword) spend as more time blogging about fast food than anything else.

But Mantonat defends Denver's honor, asking:

Would you like help finding the I-70 westbound on-ramp? Or would you just like to shut your avocado hole and learn a little about food and restaurants in the Denver area? Your West-coast provincialism is way more hick-ish and ignorant than anything most Denver natives could dish up. Drop the attitude, open your eyes and ears, and you'll maybe learn a little something.

Start with the writings of one of your California brethren, Gustavo Arellano, who, in his book "Tacos USA", called the Mexican hamburger (that he ate at the original Chubby's on 38th Avenue.) the best Mexican dish in America. He has a few words for people who trumpet "authenticity" or who think they have an inside track on regional ethnic cuisines.

Thanks, Mantonat! For the record, Cafe Society posts at least ten pieces a day -- and rarely is there more than one (if that) dealing with fast food. Anyone want to bet on what percentage of Denver's dining-out dollars go to fast food? Or how many fast-food chains are based in Denver? Can you spell Chipotle?

By the way, if you missed Gustavo Arelleno's cover story, read that Californian's celebration of Den-Mex here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.