Reader: Shutting down ladies' nights violates the rights of business owners

Steve Horner has moved his anti-ladies' night crusade to Sin City (lots of luck there!) and Las Vegas resident Michael Marstellar, for one, doesn't appreciate his manly efforts to shut down female-friendly pool parties.

In response to yesterday's update on Horner, he writes:

Is there anyway to get in touch with Mr. Horner. Because what is a violation of the Constitution is violating the rights of private business owners. If private business owners want to have "Ladies Night" that is their business. In fact, they only have Ladies Nights to get the men in. How many men are going to go/stay at a bar if they're are no women there!?

I hate when I see Socialist crap like this!

This could well be the first time that anyone has ever called Horner a socialist -- but he's been called plenty of other things.

Utahlady has her own theory:

Lets see ,"right after his divorce" he started his campaign.Let me guess why he is divorced,and why take it out on all of us Mr Horner? Get a life sir...the dog shelters in St George always need volunteers. Learn to love ,first yourself and then perhaps a furry little friend . Maybe someday you will grow up and actually have an adult conversation with a WOMAN.

Want to get in touch with Steve Horner? Try stevehornerbooks.com, which includes contact info and also how to download his latest book, The Unusual Frank White (only $5.95), which is described this way: "This novel is about the evils of government control and the inevitable resentment and violence it gives rise to. Compare as a contemporary version to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.