Reader: Six bucks is too much for a Samurai, even during Denver Restaurant Week

Today is the last day for servers to serve up their Denver Restaurant Week survival stories and win an EatDenver deck (earlier this week, we gave decks to diners with the two best/worst DRW stories).

The deadline is 5 p.m., but we already have a contender: Brian Melton of TAG, who has to be plenty busy these days with the imminent opening of TAG|Raw Bar, but still found time to offer plenty of insight on how restaurant workers see Denver Restaurant Week.

Which prompted this response from Mantonat:

I appreciate all the hard work that restaurant employees and chefs put in during restaurant week, but $6 is too much for a Samurai. Maybe it is a local craft beer, but it's also a very light rice ale that's probably the cheapest beer for Great Divide to produce. I can usually get it for $8/six pack in liquor stores. Even most decent bars and restaurants don't charge more than $4 or $4.50 for a bottle. So if a couple wants to share a bottle while they wait for their table, who cares? Maybe they want to save room for all that tasty food. Maybe they're just not big drinkers. Maybe they are cheap, which is really nobody's business as long as they tip.

Two things I don't do: 1) Yelp. 2) Go to restaurants during restaurant week. I'd much rather go and pay full price and get the restaurant, the food, and the staff at their best instead of putting up with crowds, whiny customers, and overstressed employees.

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