Reader: Skip the Michelle Obama/Rush Limbaugh food fight? Fat chance

Should Rush Limbaugh have commented at all on Michelle Obama's visit to Vail -- much less suggest that the First Lady, who has made childhood obesity her major cause, had no business eating short ribs? And did Cafe Society have any business getting into this political food fight?

The answer to that last one is easy: When the First Lady comes to Colorado and eats at a restaurant owned by a chef who not only touted healthy food for kids as a Top Chef contestant, but also was just named a James Beard semi-finalist, that's definitely our business. Look for Kelly Liken's take on cooking for the First Lady -- and the recipe for the braised short ribs she served Michelle Obama at Restaurant Kelly Liken -- later this morning.

In the meantime, feast on the meaty comments posted after Laura Shunk's story, including this from Tony:

Well, notwithstanding the fact that if you ever shudder to semi-lucidity to find yourself with your face hanging out, slack-jawed and drooling and listening to Rush Limbaugh that it is time to consider the probability that you have mentally given up, I do agree that this is not the page to devote ink to the fat, fish white and flatulent one. I probably would have made a big deal of getting exercise on the slopes, then eating at a place that is actively doing good things for the school and all that, how she and her daughters sat down to a big bowl of nuts and twigs -- then, as a parting shot, say something like "No matter what Rush Limbaugh thinks!"

Definitely no matter what Rush Limbaugh thinks....

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