Reader: Snooze Is Paradise -- Just Don't Go on Weekends

Can there ever be too much of a good thing? Our comparison of the

brunch at the two downtown Snooze locations

has led to a major discussion of that homegrown chain -- as well as some other local restaurants that

readers consider overrated.

But now Snooze supporters are fighting back.

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Says Diana:

Paradise....just won't go on weekends. Usually, too busy.

Says Tear Mon:

Been there once and I loved my upside down pineapple pancake.and the whipped butter on it, as well as my mimosa and bloody Mary. However, we had to stand outside in the rain for about an hour...shrugs.. I hear it's a wait to be served all the time.

Is Snooze worth the wait? Which restaurants in Denver are worth waiting for -- and which are not?

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