Reader: So little time, so many choices on Federal

Mark Antonation has an ambitious resolution for 2013: He's eating his way through Denver city limits along Federal Boulevard, from the southern border to the northern, and blogging about it for Cafe Society in "A Federal Case." But he got off to a rough start, when he found that the southernmost Bubba Chino's would not take credit cards.

And that was a narrow escape, according to several readers. Says Aaron:

You're lucky -- you dodged a bullet when you didn't get to eat at Bubba Chinos.

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Yvonne takes a longer view:

Great story idea. You can do the work I always wanted to. At least I will have some idea of what to not bother with. But why go back next week? Just carry on to the next place in your south to north progression. If you really want you can come back to those you missed for some reason or another, like taking cash only or being closed that day, on the first go round. I have a friend that must moved here and wanted to take him over to Federal but there is only so much time and so many choices. Your report will help limit the possibilities.

What's your favorite spot on Federal Boulevard in Denver? Should Mark Antonation go directly to the best, or stick to his south-to-north plan? And should he bother with Bubba Chinos?

Watch for the next installment of A Federal Case later today.

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