Word of Mouth

Reader: So Tired of People Changing Neighborhood Names — Chubby's Is Northside!

The truly original Chubby's — the legendary Mexican restaurant that got its start in 1967, when the late Stella Cordova made a deal to buy the Chubby Burger Drive-Inn at 1231 West 38th Avenue, where she worked — is finally expanding after 48 years, constructing a 3,200-square-foot building in the parking lot. In six months, you should be able to sit in a dining room to enjoy Cordova's green chile (ideally smothering a Mexican hamburger) rather than just go in for takeout. In the meantime, the kitchen is open — a landmark in a rapidly changing neighborhood. Says Roberto:

Big shout out to the writer for correctly saying it has been a "Northside" mainstay since '67 and not referring it as anything other than that. So tired of everyone trying to rename our beloved neighborhoods so they can sell houses or sound cool. I mean, when did RiNo become better than Five Points?
No matter what you call the neighborhood where Chubby's is located, there's only one word for its Mexican hamburger: delicious. (Okay, there are a few others — gooey, greasy, sinful.) When was the last time you stopped by this icon?
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