Reader: Some Punkass Olive Garden Server Cut Me Off After Two Glasses of White Zin

Olive Garden has had a tough month. Its new, "Never Ending Pasta Pass" promo was mocked by everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Red Eye; more ominously, Starboard Value, an investor that's trying to gain control of Darden Restaurants, Olive Garden's owner, at the annual meeting October 10, slapped the chain with a nearly 300-page book on how the company is screwing up. Adding insult to injury, Jenn Wohletz offered her own five ways Olive Garden needs to get its act together. See also: The Top Five Ways Olive Garden Needs to Get Its Act Together

What else can Olive Garden do to save itself? Replies Ed:

You mean other than dealing with the fundamental flaw of being nothing more than processed carb-heavy diabetes on a plate?

Adds Amanda:

People are not too harsh about Olive Garden. It's terribly overpriced for sub-par food. I understand how desperate their parent company is to keep up appearances, but it may be time to admit that it's time to change more than the decor. They have to change the concept and prices or change the food.

And Janet has a much more specific complaints:

I will never eat there again . the last time I was there I had two glasses of white Zinfandel and then got cut off by some punkass 18-year-old server. completely ridiculous.

Well, it's not a never-ending White Zinfandel Pass...

Have you ever eaten at Olive Garden? Would you ever go back? Which chains do you patronize?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.