Reader: South Broadway is a long stretch with a few subpar Mexican joints

Driving towards El Tejado, winner of our Best Breakfast Burrito -- Eat-in in the Best of Denver 2014, we noticed that 4G's has opened its fourth location, this one at 2200 South Broadway, in a space that was most recently home to an outpost of Zocalo, but had held many, many places before that.

Will 4G's stick? One reader has his doubts -- not just about 4G's, but about several other Mexican restaurants on South Broadway, including El Tejado. See also: 4G's opening on South Broadway

Says Vic:

Glad to hear Zocalo is gone, they ran that location with maximum neglect. I think their main efforts had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with loading their YELP reviews.

Four G's is run-of-the-mill gringo Mex with somewhat bland green chile. Who knows if they'll be able to give the criminally mediocre El Tejado a run. Adelitas seems to be doing well, even though their offerings are uneven, the room is weird, and it's difficult to get server's attention when you want another drink from the bar.

South Broadway is a long stretch with a few subpar Mexican joints. A shame really. I wish D'Corazon, Paxia or even Brewery Bar II would establish a presence.

What's your favorite spot on South Broadway? What Mexican restaurant would you like to see open a spot on this stretch?

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