Reader: South Federal has great variety, from mild to wild

After a month of Street 16 menu madness, the two finalists -- South Federal Boulevard and Lower Highland -- finally faced off. And when it was all over yesterday morning,

South Federal

was proclaimed the winner: the best restaurant neighborhood in town, at least according to Cafe Society voters. (Readers of the Best of Denver 2012 picked Highland as the Best Restaurant Neighborhood -- and the editors went with the

Pearl Street Mall in Boulder


But really, was it over? The battled waged on in our Street 16 comments section.

Finally, Denver Native weighed in with this:

So the people that like south federal are more connected? Were the tragically hip required to vote against their own areas because to want it would be unhip? Are people getting tired of pretentious food at pretentious prices? Is any one area "the best"?

I'm good with where the final landed. S.Fed has a great variety of quality places to eat from mild to wild and downright cheap to pocket busting. Something for anyone, all you have to do is look.......

And we'll be looking. To all the other contenders, better luck next year. May the best menu win...

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