The crowds will soon be lining up.
The crowds will soon be lining up.

Reader: Sputnik Is a Hipster Haven at Brunch in Denver

Brunch could be Denver's favorite meal — for suburban families and urban hipsters alike. Lauren Monitz recently tried what could be Cherry Creek's hippest brunch, at Harman's Eat & Drink. But her description of that meal prompted a reader to point out that brunch does not have to be hip. Still, it so often is, as Zach points out:

Sputnik is full of Denver hipsters at brunch. Haven't been in a while so don't quote me as a reference but I did use to enjoy their brunches and bottomless mimosas when I was still drinking.

Sorry, Zach: We just did quote you...because we wanted to check on that mimosa deal, too. And here's the update: Although Sputnik, which is also a late-night hangout, does serve a popular brunch every day until 3 p.m.,  the bottomless mimosa deal ended in 2010. Still, there are $6 carafes of mimosas on Saturday and Sunday.

But Sputnik isn't the only hipster hangout: At what other spots are you sure to see hipsters brunching this morning? And where would you go to avoid them? And who still offers bottomless mimosas?

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