Reader: Squeaky Bean looks like it will be worth the wait


Squeaky Bean

opens this week -- just a year after it abruptly left its

tiny, original home in LoHi

-- in a big space at 1500 Wynkoop Street. That's the last warehouse to be renovated in LoDo, and it's a stunning job.

Judging from Lori Midson's first look at Squeaky Bean, this restaurant should be just as stunning. "I think people will like this Bean better than the first one," predicts owner Johnny Ballen."There are so many things that we couldn't do at the old Bean -- we weren't even set up to scramble eggs -- and now we can do just about everything."

Says Robert Pinz:

What a remarkable post about a long awaited restaurant! Can't wait till I've Bean there! If Josh is the hardest working guy at the Bean, than Lori must be the hardest working gal at Westword. Thanks for the great photos, the interviews, and the sense of what it's like to be there. Great job, Lori.

Will this Bean be just as beloved as the original? Post your comments below, or join the Squeaky Bean conversation already under way.

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