Reader: Starting With Chipotle, Fast Casual Is Bland, Upscale Fast Food

Denver has given birth to many fast-casual efforts, from the giant Chipotle to Smashburger to the just-opened, one-of-a-kind Biju's Little Curry House. But after we rounded up the ten best new fast-casual spots in Denver last week, some readers made it clear they don't find the fast-casual concept very appetizing.

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Says Steve:

This entire niche of the restaurant industry sucks balls. It's bland, "upscale" fast food. I have lived in Denver for 25 years and I never liked Chipotle or any of its imitators. Overpriced flavorless garbage -- the opposite of good, local family owned soul-food. You could have lived in Denver for sixty years, but if you are a regular at one of these white-bread establishments, you might as well be a tourist.

If you eat at one of Denver's fast-casual concepts, are you just a tourist in your home town? Or are some concepts okay? What about Chipotle, the biggest fast-casual success story to come out of this city?

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