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Reader: Steuben's in Arvada Is for Skinny-Jeans-Wearing Hipsters

Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed the Steuben's that opened in a former Gunther Toody's in Arvada earlier this year. Not only did she find it a worthy, smart addition to Josh Wolkon's Secret Sauce group of local restaurants, but the fried chicken immediately added the place to our list of the best fried chicken spots in Denver alongside the original Steuben's on East 17th Avenue. But not everyone is a fan. Says Adam:
If you actually like comfort food, you will hate this place. They put a fucked-up spin on all of your favorites. If you're a skinny jeans-wearing hipster, you might actually like this place.
Other diners would welcome another Steuben's, though. Says Jeff: 
Hey, Steuben's Uptown, the Gunther Toody's at I-25 and Arapahoe is out of business now too. Time to bring Steuben's #3 to the south 'burbs!
The Arvada Steuben's opens at 9 a.m. today, the Denver location at 10 a.m. Get out of the cold and visit one of these hot spots!
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