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Reader: Stop Calling This Part of Town "LoHi" — You Sound Like Hipster Douchebags

Stones on 32nd opened quietly last month at 3211 Pecos Street, right across from Avanti in the booming Highland neighborhood. Owner Mike Stone turned a former garage that was last the home of Sportique into a restaurant specializing in "Colorado Comfort Food," with an unusually comforting amenity for this part of town: parking. But Leglock isn't impressed:
Nothing comforting about $14 burgers and shit I have never heard of.
And Mike has other concerns: 
Stop calling it LoHi...you sound like a bunch of hipster douchebags. It's North Denver or Northside.
Responds Brettman: 
Actually, look at a Denver neighborhood map — it is technically the Highland neighborhood of Denver. There are lots of BS marketing terms out there for neighborhoods (like LO-HI) but whether you like it or not, that is the official, technical, whatever... name for this area.
Concludes Matt: 
Don't call it Denver. It used to just be a molten ball of rock 4.6 billion years ago.
What do you call this part of town? What do you think of the restaurants in the area?

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