Reader: Table 6 Isn't Broken, So Doesn't Need a Fix

The Denver dining scene has changed a lot since Table 6 was the new kid on the block eleven years ago. The young upstart earned fast notice in Esquire, but in the intervening decade many more much-lauded restaurants have opened in the city. For her current review, Gretchen Kurtz returned to Table 6 — and she says the eatery is still really something, and readers agree. But LemonAlien was particularly impressed by one price tag:

I'm pretty sure paying 10 dollars for a plate of brussels sprouts would make me feel like an asshole. 

Michael564 had more to say:

I also just returned to Table 6 after a 6-year gap. And I am happy to agree with Ms. Kurtz' review, except for the ending where she seems to require a change, an upgrade, a modification in their menu or style. Why?

I specifically went back hoping that the menu hadn't changed much (in fact it had: Chicken 'N Waffles (Table 6 was one of the first to make this pairing) has been replaced with Chicken N Dumplings; no more Pork/Watermelon combo, a Scott Parker signature).
What hadn't changed was the overall feeling of care that went into the preparation and presentation of the meal. And really, isn't that what defines good food, food you are willing to pay that little extra for?

So, please keep the tater tots and beignets, if that is what you enjoy cooking! Don't fix what isn't broken, and Table 6 is far from broken.

Have you been to Table 6 lately? How do you think it fits in today's dining scene? And how much would you pay for Brussels sprouts?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.