Reader: Take your Stove Top and get stuffed!

In her list of the top five absolute worst Thanksgiving side dishes, Jenn Wohletz gave a surprising thumb's up to Stove Top, the Kraft creation that revolutionized stuffing in 1972. But many purists did not appreciate her slight of from-scratch stuffing -- and some even came to the defense of much-maligned tomato aspic and ambrosia. See also: Top five absolute worst Thanksgiving side dishes

Says Jana.

Ambrosia is Southern and delicious. Stove Top is fucking garbage. Homemade DRESSING is heaven.

Adds elotescallejeros:

That remark about from-scratch turkey stuffing has my blood boiling.

Take your Stove Top and go home!

Concludes joegauntt:

Stove Top? Why not microwave the turkey while you're at it? Homemade stuffing/dressing is the best part of TG. Can't believe a food writer would put that in print. Typical CO ignorance. Take a trip to Louisiana and tell me that Stove Top is a better option.

How do you feel about Stove Top? Tomato aspic? Ambrosia? What's the one side dish you have to see on your Thanksgiving table?

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